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28 November 2011 @ 06:56 am
i'm looking for some more lj friends! i decided to post this here & have people fill this out if they're interested in adding me on lj :D

i will also fill it out so you can know what i'm like & if you think we'd get along and/or have things in common! if you want to add me, please comment here first & fill out the form below & then go ahead & add me first!

children + ages;
ttc or pregnant;
do you make graphics;
anything else;

my own~ filled outCollapse )
20 November 2011 @ 06:29 pm
here is my stocking, ladies! if you'd like to leave things in it for me, you can find the link below! i will be leaving things in anyone's stocking that leaves me something and/or if you are close to me (meaning all my friends list in graphics, and some others)

this link will be put under my friends only banner entry so it can be accessed easily & i may add it to a sidebar soon as well!

25 October 2011 @ 09:35 am
i will be on a little bit of a haitus everyone from my graphics community, i hope that you will all stay as members but right now is a difficult time for me and i just need to focus on myself. i found out on sunday that i miscarried & things just aren't going so great & graphics are the last thing on my mind atm.

i hope you will all continue to stay members & i should be back within a week at the most, & i may work on things here & there but until i'm definitely back i will not be posting offers.

thanks for understanding. xo.
27 September 2011 @ 08:07 am

25 September 2011 @ 05:52 pm



you must always credit sugarskullz @ sweetskullz, you may use hover crediting as well
i mainly use paid pixels & ask that you do not change the file name seeing as that is how i credit
do not take any pixels off sigtags &/or blinkies i create


i have a 10 box max unless i state otherwise
i do not offer pixel text unless otherwise stated
makers & loved do not count towards the total, if you are maker/loved please use a subject title
no subject titles except for loved
all spots are unlimited here unless i say differently so there is no need for subject titles, i may occasionally have an offer that has limited spots but for the most part they will be unlimited


i have the right to refuse to create anyone a graphic
if you are rude or do not follow my simple rules i will not make your graphic
we all learned our manners very young, use them
if i make you a graphic, please use it! do not request if you don't want it. also do not request then delete, i typically make the graphics as soon as i get the request & then save them until the offer is closed, so if you delete the next day i will already have made your graphif, if you are unsure if you want it DO NOT REQUEST IT because other people DO want them & have lost a spot because of you */end rant*


please pick up on time, i will give you 5 days after your graphic has been posted if it has not been picked up i will give you a warning, next time you will get a strike, three strikes you're on my DNM list
please leave me a comment when you pick up so i know that you have recieved your graphic